Advantages Of Computer Networking In Your Office

What is the need of having an office?


Isn’t it obvious? Because we need something to serve the purpose of a company and the first and most important element is the profit. Am I right or am I right?


Let’s think about it from both the perspective of an employee and an employer. If I was an employer, I would like everything and everyone to work together with a perfect heavenly coordination in the history of corporations (‘angels singing opera in the background for the feels’) but if I was an employee, I would just straight up be lazy and try to do the most amount of work with the least amount of effort. “Most amount of work” because who doesn’t like promotions, right?


Now, what is Computer Networking? Is it some magical genie with a suit and tie (because corporate) who is a going to solve all our problems. In simple words “One body, multiple souls” an array of network connecting computers. We have a lot of work to do from 9 to 5 and the last thing we want to do is waste time transferring files from one USB port to another and don’t even get me started on how much time it takes to transfer data via pen drives. Consider the number of computers that are there in total in an office and the amount of extra work will just drive you BONKERS. So, what’s the solution? Don’t worry, nothing is complex enough to call Mr. Einstein. Simple, interconnecting all the computers in an office so that everybody gets equal access to every bit of information. Equality is everything in the 21st century and we all know that.


Now, there is this thing called a ‘server’ which does the massive task of interconnecting. The magic of this is that as soon as some data is shared with one computer if allowed, is accessible by all the other computers of let’s say “the family of Server A”. Back to ABC’s kid? This means equal access to documents, programs, files, folder, those funny YouTube videos you watch between work (we are humans, after all, we need entertainment) and pretty much everything there is to share with a computer. Wait, not only software, but you can share hardware too? That’s icing on the cake. Right now I can only think of Printers and Scanners but most hardware connected to computers qualify.Everything we need, to work efficiently in an office.


You know what else we need for the perfect hallelujah office environment? ‘Best Coffee’. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. That exotic espresso machine sitting right there in a corner ready to give you your daily dose of energy with the right amount of sweet and sassy. Plus there is always a poster about coffee telling us stuff about antioxidants, energy boost, health benefits, and whatnot. Wait, what I was talking about in the first place?


Oh, networking. So let me see why you wouldn’t want to use computer networking in your office?


Paying for one program and using it on all computers without copyright issues


  • Sort of a one-time investment
  • Work was done much faster and efficiently
  • Not worrying about securing every computer when you can secure, all in one go
  • The Internet not always necessary (I had to say this because most people just confuse NETWORK with The INTERNET). In simple words, “It’s like Facebook but without the internet”.


Nope! Still can’t find a reason why you wouldn’t do it, especially when setting it up is just one phone call away.